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"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul."

Artistic Statement

I choreograph dances because that is how I speak most vividly. I experience myself as most holistic and clearly articulated when I move. My work is concerned with athleticism and the potential of the human body exploring the human soul and its capacity for deep physicality that conveys emotion, extremeness of bodyline articulation and dynamic shifts in energy and flow. I endeavour to comment by placing Africanist movement values on the classical ballet and traditional modern dance vocabularies that I most often utilise.

Though my work is often formal in its investigation of pure movement, music plays a very big part in my choreography of the use of bodies in space, I also hope to create work that is accessible to my audience, and devoted to dance education, both in vocabulary and subject. That accessibility must nonetheless be thought provoking creating spaces. 3D Technology, a powerful tool, plays a significant role in our communication today. It is a natural evolution for me to pursue collaboration with other artists and create dance productions for a much wider audience.

It is this mixing of the rhythms and the soul of the dancer that gives my choreography its unique voice - one that celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of British Culture.

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